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About Us

Our Difference

We love to give back! Thank You finance looks to develop ways to continuously support our community. We strive to endlessly help and contribute to charities and organizations that make a difference for the better.

We have implemented a process that makes sure that as long as we continue to exist, we will continue to contribute.

Our Vision & Values

Our vision is to help the community become a better place through whatever means we can. People rely on the support of charities and charities rely on the support of us. We look to support these organisations to both increase awareness and external support so that we can all learn and care for one another.

Hand-in-hand with the above, our aim is also to supply you with the utmost support throughout your loan application, guiding you through the process from the beginning to end, making sure you’re updated, informed and at ease throughout this important step.

From the Director

“Thank You Finance was started on the value of giving back. Looking to develop more ways to continuously give back to the community. We now use the tools we have at our disposal to help achieve this, by implementing a process which ensures that, as long as we exist, we will give back.”

Our focus is simple — community and clients. We will supply you with the service you require and deserve. We achieve this by treating your situation as our own; understanding your needs and requirements and supplying you with the options available to help progress your financial situation as smooth as possible.

We help clients obtain loans to assist in home, investment, construction, business, motor vehicles, and equipment. If you require a refinance or are looking to purchase a home or business, build a dream home or a block of units, or simply purchase a car, we can supply options to suit your situation.

How we can help you

Thank You Finance can help you find the best loan to suit your unique needs and circumstances. The advantage of working with a Thank You Finance broker is that they have knowledge of a broad spread of products from multiple lenders, getting you to where you want to be sooner.

Feel free to contact us about how we can help you

Trusted Experience